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Lvbet - Lv bet Zakladу

Lvbet: Smart Home & Office Ecosystem from Perenio – right out of the box solution for managing and securing your home, office, apartment or shopping store directly from your smartphone via mobile application. The system allows you to: • remotely control the situation in the premises by collecting all your Wi-Fi devices into one Smart Home system, • add to your Smart Home Security system any smart Wi-Fi devices – sensors, locks, household appliances, sockets, IR remote controls, air conditioners, heaters, video cameras and others, • receive notifications of hazards and respond to them in a timely manner, • select ready-made automated scenarios, • set on weekly schedule of your devices work, • view the history of events and video recordings from the cloud storage.

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Useful app with great services and hardware integrations. Devices are easy to use and setup Works good. Scenarios are very useful to control light. Great experience in overall!

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